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11-05-2015, 10:26 PM
আত্মঘাতী হামলা শায়খ বিন বাজ এর Leaked ফতওয়া

Shaikh Bin Baaz - Leaked Fatwa ! - Suicide Bombing (Martyrdom operation) Eng sub | Allowed in Islam?

Shaykh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz (rahimahullah) justifies 'Martyrdom operation' in Islam in his fatwa, what is wrongly termed as 'Suicide Bombing' according to West. Shaikh calls this act as a Jihad operation when asked about blowing up oneself using bombs and explosives planted in Car.

Nowadays, Martyrdom operation has become a common technique of war against the enemies of Islam. Whether it be in Afghanistan , Palestine, Iraq, or Syria, or in any other parts of the world. The Scholars unanimously agree that this is an act of seeking martyrdom, and so it should be called as 'martyrdom operation' and not suicide bombing.

The term 'suicide bombing' sounds like an operation that involves suicide of an individual which is done with a purpose of causing oneself death, or killing oneself with an intention that he/she wants to put an end to their lives. And so out of disgust and frustration of the Trials of the world, suicide is done.

While 'Martyrdom operation' , as described by Shaikh Bin Baaz (r.a) in this video, is done to seek Martyrdom in Jihad for the sake of Allah, and so to seek pleasure of Allah.

According to most of the Salafi scholars, this is recommended as it causes more damage to the enemy.

Following is the question posed by questioner to the reputed shaikh :
"In relation to now we use in some wars , a man who takes a car completely planted with mines knowing that he is going to die. He enters with it and explodes ..."

Apart from this fatwa, there is a full justification provided by another Saudi Salafi Shaikh Sulayman Ibn Nasir Al-Ulwan( may Allah preserve him), when he was asked about the
same. In his fatwa , he quotes an ayah from the Glorious Quran , "And of the people is he who sells himself, seeking means to the approval of Allah . And Allah is kind to [His]
servants." [2:207]

He then describes the Hadeeth of Sahih Muslim, #3005, from the path of Hamad ibn Salamah, is the story of Sorcerer and the Monk and the Boy, This Hadith, and in it the monotheist boy proclaimed to the Kafir King, ".. you will not be able to kill me until you do what i order you to do.' He said, ' And what is that ?' he said, ' You join all the people
on an upland plain and crucify me upon a tree trunk. Then take an arrow from my quiver and place the arrow in the bow and say 'In the Name of Allah, the Lord of the boy, ' and
then shoot me. And Verily, if you do that, you will kill me.

So he joined all the people on the upland plain and crucified him to a tree trunk and then he took an arrow from his quiver. Then he placed it in the bow and said, ' In the Name of Allah, the Lord of the boy,' and he shot him, and the arrow entered the temporal region of his skull.

So the boy put his hand over the temporal region of his skull and then he died. So the people said " We have believed in the Lord of the boy!, " So the king was approached and it was said to him: " You know what you were afraid of ? I swear by Allah that which you were afraid of has fallen upon you. The people have believed, "

So he ordered for trenches to be dug out of the mouths of path. So the fires were lit and he said, "whoever does not turn back from their religion( i.e.Islam, i will throw him in it or he will be commanded, ' Jump in it '.

So they did that until a woman came and she had with her an infant boy and she was afraid for him to enter it. So the boy said to her, " O mother, be patient verily, you are upon the truth !"

So, in this there is an evidence for the correctness for these suicide operations( Martyrdom operations) that the Mujahideen in the path of Allah perform, those who are waging war against the Jews and Christians and those who make mischief in the land. This is because, the boy instructed the King with which to kill him when the King was unable to do that after trying unsuccessfully and seeking the help of the soldiers and aids.

So, this action of the boy; within it there is the method of the killing of himself and ( i.e. the story of the boy and this infant boy commanding his mother to jump into the fire) is making the truth apparent and supporting it, and inflicting harm against the Jews and the Christians and the pagans and their supporters and weakening their strengths and planting fear in their slaves.
[Source: Fatwa of Sulayman Ibn Nasir Al Ulwan, Burayda, Qaim, 10/07/1421]

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