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Summary Of Sheikh Al-Joulani Interview…

# Sheikh Jaulani: Conference Riyadh is a form of treason to the syuhada’ and defeatism against the Assad regime.
# Sheikh Jaulani: We do not recognize and cancel the ceasefire in Ghouthah and we will not follow such a truce.
# Sheikh Jaulani: To the fighters of the group attending the Riyadh conference, you do not have to obey your leaders!

#Iran & Iraq's militias in #Syria have lost nearly 500 fighters during southern #Aleppo battles alone.

#Our setbacks against regime in south only due to our preoccupation w/fighting Yarmouk Martyrs' brigade b/c of its ties to #ISIS.

#Factions receiving Jordan/US support were in turn backing Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade (part of #ISIS) while we were fighting it.

#There is no type of relationship tying us to Turkey or Qatar.

#International community's rush to find political solution comes after regime reached the brink of collapse.

#Assad's regime has lost its strength as a nation & dissolved into independent factions better armed/equipped than regime itself.

General leadership Jabhat Al-Nushra: All the fighters in the country Syria has refused to take up arms and various political concessions contrary to policies to fight, signed in Riyadh.

Sheikh Al-Jaulani in the summary report his interview published on the website of Al-Jazeera yesterday has explained the attitudes and views Jabhat Al Nushra the Riyadh Conference and the results of the conference.

Amir Jabhat Al Nushra Condemns Talks About Syria in Riyadh Conference

Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Fatih Al-Jaulani say that all groups involved in the Riyadh conference are traitors.

General Leadership Jabhat Al Nushra has held a press conference with invited four journalists in Syria.

The leader of Al-Qaeda branch in the Syrian lunge condemned Saudi Arabia imposing the unification of all factions in Syria in Sekulersime agenda, as well as calling those involved in the Riyadh conference as traitors.

In the event, interviews with a number of representatives of media groups, including Al-Jazeera, the leaders jabhah Nushrah Abu Muhammad al-Jaulani said that the Riyadh conference was part of a conspiracy to raise and maintain the regime of Bashar Al-Assad.

“The conference is being held in Syria, are not held to help the Syrian people.” Jaulani said.

He said that Jabhat Al Nushra not invited to the conference, and jabhah Nushrah else will never come on the conference or event like if invited.

Sheikh Jaulani asserted, “other armed groups who attended the conference have been doing the ‘betrayal of the sacrifices of the Syrian people.’ in the civil war that has lasted almost five years. ”

Conference Riyadh which is held by Saudi Arabia are invited diplomats from 17 countries, including the countries of the supporters of the rival, both from the opposition and the regime of Bashar Assad, who approved the results of the conference in Vienna-Austria on the map settlement of the Syrian conflict ,

Sheikh Al-Jaulani rejected the possibility of a ceasefire or political settlement with taghoot Assad regime, adding that Syrian forces only control 20 percent of the territory of the country.

“So far, we assume that the regime of Bashar Assad has been disbanded and the fact that this regime has been split into many factions, which are controlled by Colonel-General this or that.” Similarly, the sheikh of Al-Jaulani explanation.

Press conference video link sheikh Al-Jaulani:

Sheikh Jaulani also said, “After launching military action in September. Russia has been proven to fail to make significant progress and they will fail to support the regime of Bashar Assad in Syria.”

Sheikh Al-Jaulani also pressing that jabhat Al Nushra have no desire to do any military operations outside Syria. He said that his group would never deal directly with Western powers because of its commitment to uphold “Islamic Justice.”

However, at the same time the sheikh of Al-Jaulani defends relationship with Al-Qaeda organization and praised the measures aimed to thwart Western plans and plots that have terrorizing Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq .“