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Abu Waqas
05-01-2016, 04:01 AM
English Translation

Ansar al Shariah Statement Titled:

“Statement to Our People in Coastal Hadhramaut Regarding the Recent Oppressive Military Campaign”

Praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds and peace and prayers be upon the prophet of Allah and on his family and his companions: Thereafter:

To our people in coastal Hadhramaut all peace and Allah’s mercy be upon you…we ask Allah that this statement reach you all and you are in good health, Allahuma ameen.

Oh dear people: by Allah and by your mujahidin sons – before more than a year ago – moved to coastal Hadhramaut and liberated it from the military forces loyal to the Houthis at a critical and very sensitive time. Meeting the requirements of the battle which were most critical against the Houthis and their allies the ‘deposed’ Ali Saleh. Allah granted the foiling of their plans to surround the people of faith and wisdom by overthrowing Hadhramaut, and Allah granted too to avoid Hadhramaut in general a disaster from falling into the hands of the Houthis. But Hadhramaut transformed to behind all the people of the Sunnah, and it was an outlet for all sides, and it was a supply station for all factions fighting the Houthis. It opened hospitals for the wounded for all sides, and it was a refuge for the displaced people from the war provinces in Aden and Abyan and Shabwah and Lahij and Ta’iz and Sana’ and al Jawf and Ma’rib and Sa’adah, and so forth.

And what was to happen if the efforts of the mujahidin and its people in coastal Hadhramaut, chief among them the scholars and the notables and the tribal sheikhs and the people of opinion and the professionals and the academics and all of the sincere people did not come together for their land– by the grace of Allah – may Allah grant them a reward and bless them in their efforts and may it benefit the Ummah.

By efforts coming together, the coastal Hadhramaut region was blessed with security and safety not seen in other parts of the country – and people saw the leniency of Islam and justice of Shariah, after decades of communist and secular rule, and the economic movement flourished, and charitable gates opened, and new growth began going in a way not seen previously. And that is all due to the grace of Allah. Then with the efforts together between different slices of charitable society in coastal Hadhramaut.

With the wheel turning toward its true direction, it turned toward the Hubal of the age and before the disbelieving Crusading Nasari America – and it returned with the Muslims in all places and times - and it recruited mercenaries on the ground and came from the air and the sea. Those mercenaries were not anything except serving the ‘deposed’ politician who said to the Americans “Attack and we will follow” and it is the situation of today for those who are with the coalition, who accept American attack operations on the Muslims in their country – and there is no might nor power except in Allah – and the United Arab Emirates – specifically - played a role in this battle of a rented gun.

Oh dear people in coastal Hadhramaut in general and in dear Mukallah specifically:

Verily we did not withdraw except to avoid the chance for the enemy to move the battle to your homes and your shops and your streets and your mosques. They undertook seeking refuge beginning with a weak ploy and used their usual dirty methods and then intentionally struck heavy strikes from the air and the sea on civilian facilities like electricity and the supply market which the mujahidin established recently and one of the public petrol stations in the al Ayun region which during the bombing killed tens of Muslims and targeted the economic institute and the lively ports and when we saw that we left to stop this malicious plan and restrain this dirty war and we will fight our enemy as we want and not when he wants (Save those who believe and do good works, and remember Allah much, and vindicate themselves after they have been wronged. Those who do wrong will come to know by what a (great) reverse they will be overturned!) (Surah al Shuara: 227)

And by the grace of Allah these recent events were revealed who support the Muslim people and their sons and revealed in turn the enemies of the Muslim people and possess passions and ambitions those who fight the Muslims. When America one day is keen on the Muslims’ interests or seeks good for them, the question will come to the minds of all Muslims: Why is the military campaign being waged today on Hadhramaut which is secure and oversees all the displaced people and the weak people and escaped with their deen from the smugness of the Houthis and the deposed one, at a time when large parts of Ta’iz and al Baydha and Ma’rib and al Jawf and Lahij and so for are still straining under the weight of the “Houthis” and their ally “the deposed one” and our people still suffer from displacement and bitterness and harm in those regions.

Why at this time is the arrow heading toward secure Hadhramaut while the advance on Sana’a is being stopped which is still in the hands of the Houthis and our people suffer from the matters – but to demand a truce with them and seek their interests, and perhaps to submit the country to the Houthis and the deposed one, and the country will follow, and as humiliating slaves, and the Muslim people’s sacrifices goes to waste.

And we say to our people in the coastal Hadhramaut in general and in dear Mukallah specifically

We have lived with you over a full year and we have known you as our people and our brothers and our beloved ones. And we saw in you the deen and the morals and the generosity and the sacrifice. And we enlarge our great accord with you which history will not forget. And you have known us and found us as your dear sons, and we sought by our efforts in applying Islamic Shariah which guidance was sent for morals for the world.

And verily we confirm to you that we will not abandon you and support you, and the jihad has past the hour, and we are keen on – with the help of Allah – to fight the battle with our means and our path and not with the means of the enemy and its dirty path. And our advice to you is to be devoted to Allah the exalted and trust in him and return to the scholars and the seekers of knowledge to be the guide in establishing Shariah and reform between the people. And crowd around the sincere ones among your sons, far from those who have interests among the corrupt ones and are tools of America and its agents. We also take this chance to ensure all of you and our Muslim brothers that what was mentioned in the media regarding the number of our killed in this battle is a lie and pure fabrication and the number of martyrs does not exceed the number of fingers on your two hands – may Allah have mercy on all of them and accept them among the martyrs.

In closing we ask Allah to grant victory to the deen and its people and damn the falsehood and its party and we seek refuge and aid from Allah who does not become lost..

And peace and Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you

Your loving brothers

Ansar al Shariah – Hadhramaut Province

17 Rajab 1437H | 25 April 2016 M


Abu Waqas
05-01-2016, 04:02 AM