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Abu Waqas
05-01-2016, 04:08 AM
IEA || Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding intent of executing prisoners by the Ghani administration

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Ashraf Ghani – the head of one segment of the Kabul administration – announced in his speech to the parliament about his intention of applying the capital punishment ruling on Mujahideen prisoners. Following the announcement, there are once again reports about reassessment of Mujahideen cases sentenced with the death penalty.

This announcement by Ashraf Ghani clearly demonstrates his frailty due to him testing his strength against defenseless prisoners while at the same time, it holds no legal basis because these political prisoners are handed the death penalty by the most corrupt and incompetent judicial body in the world. The prisoners sentenced to death are mostly poor individuals who could not afford bribing the regime prosecutors and judges due to the economic conditions and are therefore witnessing the result of their destitution. Such actions by the Kabul administration will amount to nothing more than a war crime carried out against freedom seeking oppressed and defenseless prisoners. The execution of inmates currently imprisoned can have no positive outcome for the crumbling Kabul administration but will naturally have serious repercussions.

If the enemy decides to commit such a felony then the Islamic Emirate will respond with everything within its power to defend its oppressed nation. The enemy’s supposed judicial bodies could possibly once again pay a hefty price for their crimes. Mujahideen shall also not remain idle towards known individuals or unions and their workers advocating implementation of such crimes and all of them shall categorically be classified as legitimate military targets. With this action, the Kabul regime shall only provoke the sensitivities of the ordinary people and Mujahideen which shall in turn prove critically dangerous for the lives of foreign nationals and soldiers of the stooge regime being held in the prisons of Islamic Emirate from Faryab to Helmand and Badakhshan to Khost. The Islamic Emirate has always treated prisoners with utmost ease in judicial affairs in accordance with Islamic principles. If the enemy decides to follow through with its announced intent and fails to restrain itself, then our judicial bodies could also contemplate over handing ultimate penalties in accordance with Islamic principles.

The Islamic Emirate also calls upon international human right organizations, independent media outlets, ICRC and other free impartial committees to not remain indifferent in using their influence concerning matter of prisoner execution.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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Abu Waqas
05-01-2016, 04:08 AM