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06-18-2016, 04:09 PM
ISIS was struck with madness in Takfir and exceeded the limits of extremism when they slandered the chaste wives of the Mujahideen from Jabhat Nusra and others saying that they are fornicators (if they stayed with their husbands), and before that they slandered Al-Qaedah saying that it is like an adulteress claiming to be chaste. This is the level they have stooped to, and this is the swamp they cultivate. So is this the Prophetic Caliphate?

Like I said before, them killing Shaykh Abu Khalid Al-Suri, may Allah have mercy on him, reminds me of the murder of the two Mashayikh Muhammad Saeed and Abdur-Razzaaq Rajjaam and their brothers in Algeria. The murder of the two Mashayikh and their brothers represented the moral downfall followed by the physical downfall of the GIA in Algeria. Likewise I consider the murder of Abu Khalid Al-Suri, may Allah have mercy upon him, to represent the moral downfall of his killers, which is often followed by a physical downfall.

May Allah have mercy upon you oh Abu Khalid (..poetry). The murder of Abu Khalid Al-Suri, may Allah have mercy upon him, exposed an aspect of the wickedness of the modern day Takfiri extremists. There is a difference between them and the first Khawarij. The first Khawarij would declare and brag about what they did. When Abdu Rahmaan ibn Muljim struck Sayyidna Ali ibn Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him, with a sword, he screamed out: “There is no rule except for Allah, it is not for you Ali nor your companions!” As for these, they kill and execute, then they do not find the courage of the first Khawarij in themselves, because they are cowards who are not able to declare what they did, so that their true face does not become exposed. The murderers of Abu Khalid Al-Suri, may Allah be pleased with him, are cowards! They encourage other misguided ones to kill, but they keep quite about their deeds.

In addition to this difference which was exposed by the murder of Abu Khalid, there are other differences as well. The first Khawarij considered lying to be disbelief, as for the modern day Takfiri extremists, lying is their common trait. Even their leaders are not ashamed to lie, even against themselves. One of them declares something (Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani), then he denies it without any shame in front of everyone. The first Khawarij considered breaking oaths to be disbelief, as for the modern day Takfiri extremists, they consider hopping from oath to oath to be political cleverness in their thirsty desire for authority. The first Khawarij made Takfir on the basis of sins, as for the modern day Takfiri extremists, they make Takfir on the basis of lies, fabrications and even good deeds of obedience! The Takfir of the first Khawarij was rooted in their beliefs, while the Takfir of the modern day Takfiri extremists is political, conveniently and opportunistic. The one who agrees with them, or they see his affiliation to them as beneficial, is praised by them. Moreover, they frequently request him to talk about them and to praise them, so that they can reach position with this praise in front of the people. As for the one who disagrees with them, they lie about him, they slander him, and they make Takfir on him. Following the methodology of Takfir, explosions, exclusion and tyranny.

Their magazine Dabiq likewise reminds me of the message “The guidance of the Lord of the world” by Abu AbduRahmaan Amin (Jamal Zitouni, leader of the GIA), and this is a sign of collapse. And the bomb attack on the Ariha mosque after it was liberated, killing the fasting Muslims in it, reminds me of the massacre of Mohammed Abdullah al-Khilaifi and his men on praying Muslims in the Ansar Sunnah mosque in Omdurman (Note: They killed at least 19 praying Muslims in this attack on 19 September 1994 in Sudan. After that a similar attack was carried out by Abbas al-Baqir Abbas form the same Takfir Wal Hijrah group on praying Muslims of Ansar Sunnah in the Jarafa mosque on 8 December 2000, killing at least 22, also in Omdurman). After that they attacked a guesthouse of Shaykh Usama bin Laden, may Allah have mercy upon him, in Al-Khartoum.

And when Al-Khilaifi was asked about the reason why he attacked the Ansar Sunnah mosque he said because it is a temple for polytheists. And when he was asked why he attacked a guesthouse of Shaykh Usama bin Laden, may Allah have mercy upon him. He answered, because he is the most misguiding for people. So he was convinced that he should start with him. And in Peshawar the extremists made Takfir on me because I did not make Takfir on the Mujahideen of Afghanistan, then they made Takfir on Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi, may Allah protect him, because he did not make Takfir on me.

And these people claimed that they were on the methodology of Ahl Sunnah Wal Jamah, and that they did not make Takfir on the basis of sins. Like the group of Al-Baghdadi who claimed the same, who claim that they are on the methodology of Ahl Sunnah Wal Jamah. While they make Takfir on people based on fabrications, on lies, and on that which isn’t something you can make Takfir on, rather they even make Takfir on good deeds and following the Quran and Sunnah. They for example made Takfir on Abu Saeed Al-Hadrami, may Allah have mercy on him, because he took oaths of loyalty from FSA to wage Jihad. And they made Takfir on me and claimed that I follow the majority and that I do not make Takfir on the Tawagheet, because I supported the revolution of the oppressed, and because I used soft speech towards the prisoner Muhammad Mursi, while I was following the Quran and Sunnah in giving Dawah. But the real reason for this slander was that I stood up in front of their pursuits, trying to preserve the blood of Muslims.

And I have lived with the Takfiris in their different types in Egypt, until I wrote a handwritten refutation against them in the 70’s. They misuse the enthusiasm of the youth, who reject corruption and deviation in Islam. So many truthful ones who seek the truth join them. And this is a glad tiding, their followers showed that many of them who join them leave them again after a while. Moreover, many of those who left them are the most keen in holding tight to the methodology of the Sunnah and are keen in preserving the sanctuaries of Muslims after their previous experience. And this pushes us to stay on the path of Dawah towards them, and show them the realities, and expose the falseness of their media. Because no matter how showy and false the media gets, it is not able to change the truths of the reality. Truthfulness will stay truthfulness, and lies will stay lies, and loyalty will stay loyalty, and treachery will stay treachery.
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(Taken from the recent audio message ‘Shaam – A trust on your necks’ by Syaikh Aiman Az-Zhawahiri)


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