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    ""Recent propaganda Regrading Amirul Muminul Mulllah Akhter Monsoor"" May Allah protect him

    Remarks by spokesman of Islamic Emirate concerning propaganda efforts of some media outlets

    Today once again Pajhwok and other media outlets fraudulently misused the name of the former Minister of Information and Culture of the Islamic Emirate, the respected Mullah Amir Khan Muttaqqi, to falsely claim that Mr. Mansur Sahib has been injured and even killed.

    We consider this the failed attempts of intelligence agencies who want to confuse the ordinary people with such fabricated reports despite repeated denials by us.

    We encourage media outlets to consider their reputations and be very careful when releasing reports about such sensitive matters. Do not become part of the wider malicious intelligence plans with the publication of such reports.

    Amir Khan Muttaqqi has not been in contact with any media outlet over the course of the past 14 years and neither are rumors about injury of Mr. Mansur Sahib true.

    Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

    Zabihullah Mujahid

    21/02/1437 Hijri Lunar

    12/09/1394 Hijri Solar 03/12/2015 Gregorian

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