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    আশ্চর্য TTP || Hero of Islam || The Life of TTP Amir Hakimullah Mehsood Shaheed(R.H) (English Translation)

    TTP || Hero of Islam || The Life of TTP Amir Hakimullah Mehsood Shaheed(R.H) (English Translation)

    In the name of God and the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

    The martyrdom of Hakimullah Mahsud;

    A Great Muslim Commander Who Inflicted the Deadliest Strike on America Since World War 2.

    Translation of the Special report: Ansarullah, Urdu

    The Life of Emir Hakimullah Mahsud

    Dialogue between Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan and the Pakistani government

    The history of ‘Jihad’ in Pakistan; its present and future

    Truth about the famous media propaganda against Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan
    The Taliban Mujahedeen made possible to lay the foundation of an ‘Islamic State’ in Afghanistan in accordance with the teachings of Islam for the first time since the fall of the Ottoman Caliphate. The infidel world declared this Islamic state to be a threat to their dictatorial and monopolising system. When the NATO forces announced of invasion on Afghanistan as part of a crusade under the leadership of the US, Pakistan became a front line supporter of the allied forces. It allied with the US and provided them with complete army and logistic support; it supported them in the downfall of the Islamic state and in the killing of the Afghan Muslims. Moreover, the Pakistani security forces became front line supporters of the allied forces and began to pursue all those people throughout Pakistan who supported the Taliban Mujahedeen. They moved their army from the frontiers of India and deployed them in the tribal areas. They initiated a series of army operations against the Pakistani tribal supporters, in order to go to Afghanistan and eliminate people participating in Jihad and to reinforce the US’s control on Afghanistan. These included the Mujahedeen from the Mahsud tribes and the Pakistani Mujahedeen.

    The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) came into formal existence as a reaction of the Pakistani army actively declaring war in the tribal areas and committing various crimes in Afghanistan for a period of two years. The tribal Muslims responded as they could to defend their lives, honour and property through Jihad. Thus this movement became stronger and widespread.

    Seven mosques in Islamabad were destroyed by the Security Forces. Both male and female students of Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa protested against this and raised the slogan of ‘Sharia or Martyrdom’ demanding the implementation of Sharia law.

    The government of Pakistan declared this slogan of ‘Sharia or Martyrdom’ as terrorism and a breach of the peace. So they attacked the Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa. They acted as if they were in a combat with a modern army of another state, rather than with unarmed young men and women. Then this army of the ‘impure’ used armoured vehicles to bomb the Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa. They also used chemical weapons and phosphorus and burnt alive teenager women.

    The blood of these innocent men and women at the mosque and religious institution in Islamabad caused a great number of oblivious Pakistani Muslims to wake up. They became conscious that despite being a free nation, Pakistan was actively held hostage at the hands of the Hindus and the English. They have deprived the Muslims from having their own Islamic system of governance, through constantly ensuring a puppet government is in position controlled by foreign/English state. Asking for the rule of God’s religion has become such a heinous crime that it is punishable by death; and an agonising death as experienced by the students of Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa. Thus the deaths were the result of giving in to the Indian army and on the instructions given in just one telephone call by the US. The Pakistani forces and their agencies cut off the water, electricity and gas and then used poisonous chemical gases and bombs to kill them.

    Once the fact that was a front line supporter of the allied forces of the US against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan become apparent to all, this incident enhanced and motivated the aims and purpose of Jihad against the Pakistani army and their agencies in the tribal areas. Under the slogan of ‘Sharia or Martyrdom’, this transformed into Jihad until the Islamic rules are implemented in Pakistan.

    The Pakistani security forces used all manners of combats, tactical strategies and operations to crush the Jihad and the Mujahedeen; but instead of becoming weak, the Jihadi movement became stronger and stronger and spread throughout Pakistan. In this situation and after facing a military defeat, and also the Pakistani security forces and their agencies realised that the time for US army to withdraw from Afghanistan was approaching fastly; with only a few months remaining before 2014, during the end of Zardari government, the Pakistani security forces started a campaign of negotiations in the media through their puppets journalists to give the impression that they were prepared for a ceasefire and reconciliation with the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan. The TTP refused to enter into any serious negotiations until the army operations in the tribal areas are terminated, the army evacuated the tribal areas and the drone attacks stopped.

    But the Pakistani army kept scandalising the issue of wanting to have proper negotiations on TV channels and in newspapers. Then the N League came into power. They boasted that they were the standard bearer of democracy. They started staging the drama of negotiations in the media with great pomp. They were giving the impression that they were serious about peace and that in comparison with the previous governments, they were more capable of bringing a change to the situation and were able to independently make decisions without the influence of US.

    After coming into power, the N League puppet government turned against their promises to the public and loaded them with heavy bills and taxes. This was, and still is their means of robbing people and implementing a dictatorial system in a civilised way. The public from all walks of life are affected and their manner of exploiting the public has broken all previous records. Similarly, they staged a drama of negotiations in the media which is nothing more than building castles in the air. They increased propaganda against the Taleban Mujahedeen.

    Meanwhile a United Nations session was held, in which the Pakistani government presented a plan to the US for bringing the Jihad to an end. They requested that the US, instead of withdrawing their army from Afghanistan in 2014 announce retaining them till 2015; thus increasing the period for another year.

    The US was almost bankrupted as a result of its social and economic situation & have no longer the capability to finance its aggressive campaign in Afghanistan. But as Pakistani rulers insisted, the US immediately took a U-turn and announced an increase in the period of retention for their armed mission for another year. This shook many US and other Western commentators.

    The reason for the US doing this was, that the Pakistani government assured the US that within this period, they would try to eliminate the leadership of all the Jihadi elements. These are the people who, irrespective of their countries of origin have the agenda to implement the Islamic system universally rather than democracy. They pose dangers to the security and interests of the US in the region. If this plan is successful, it will clear the path for the withdrawal of the US army. It will also safeguard the US interests in Pakistan and Afghanistan after the withdrawal. Furthermore, for argument’s sake, if in the future there is ever a Taliban government in Afghanistan, it will limit itself to Afghanistan; it will not pursue its agenda of universal Jihad.

    The US agreed to the plan from the Pakistani government, but it did not have the details or the knowledge of how to implicate it. According to a US newspaper, The Washington Post, when the US president Barrack Obama was questioned about the N League and the details of the formal negotiations and the crushing of the Taliban in his press conference, he replied that Nawaz Sharif was coming to the US and he would give a detailed briefing about it.

    A delegation from the government under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif went on a tour of the US to make the US aware of these details. The delegation told the US the detailed plans of eradicating Jihad in Pakistan and how they would kill the higher cadre of Taliban under the cover of negotiations. They also advised the US to keep up the pretence of negotiations with the Taliban and refrain from giving any negative statements against negotiations. The US released absurd statements and declared this to be Pakistan’s internal affair and said that the US is neutral on this issue. Anyone with the slightest intelligence would realise through witnessing the drone attacks and the crusade in the tribal areas that these were false.

    The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan already had several experiences of having their important leaders like Nek Muhammad killed, Haji Muslim Khan and several other Taleban commanders cunningly arrested in the name of negotiations and agreements by the ‘impure’ army and the US. Thus they did not trust them. Nevertheless, they communicated their stand that they were always prepared for serious negotiations, because the goal of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan was the implementation of Islam and not war. If this goal was achieved without a war, then they were prepared for ceasefire and reconciliation.

    This is the reason that when the deputy leader of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, Maulana Wali-ul-Rahman was martyred in 2013 in drone attacks by the Pakistani army and the US, the government of Pakistan and their army staged a great drama in the media to prove themselves innocent; they did not withdraw their option of negotiations with Tehrik-e-Taliban. In fact they expressed their wish for negotiations for the sake of the Pakistani public.

    The US and its ally, the ‘impure’ army had already lost disgracefully in direct combat with the Taliban Mujahedeen. Now their policy was to ‘pretend to be innocent and attack from behind’ at the first opportunity. They staged the drama of negotiations on a larger scale than before; the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan clarified their stance several times and clarified that there had been no communication with them regarding the negotiations.

    Then the BBC Urdu Service, wishing to create some activity in the drama of negotiations, for the first time interviewed Emir Hakimullah Mahsud and transmitted this radio interview and discussed the internal situation of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan.
    It spiced things up for the media and they started to discuss this issue enthusiastically. The government of Pakistan is well aware of the fact though, that the Mujahedeen from Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan will not negotiate on anything less than for Pakistan to be independent of the US and to have an Islamic rule.

    As the Pakistani rulers are aware of this fact, they gave the issue lots of publicity, only to convince the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan to enter into negotiation and compel them to create activity. This was to give the agents of the ‘impure’ army an opportunity to implant drone chips in the vicinity and enable them to pave the way to martyr the leader Hakimullah Mahsud.

    Then the Prime Minister of this government, while sitting in the lap of his masters in the UK, issued a statement to the media that negotiations with the TTP (Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan) have started.

    The negotiations by the N League government proved to be the same as Musharraf’s government’s negotiations with Ghazi Abdul Rashid in the matter of Lal Masjid. They re-assured the Pakistani public and the Muslims and then suddenly attacked him from behind and martyred him like Hindu cowards. Similarly Hakimullah Mahsud was martyred in a drone attack.

    After the martyrdom of Emir Hakimullah Mahsud, the US and its front line allies still wish to carry on with their army operations of drone attacks in the tribal areas. Instead of fighting them face to face, their wish was to carry on the sweet language and propaganda of negotiations in order to pave the way to bring the Jihad in Pakistan to an end. This would enable them to control any Jihadi movement initiated against democracy and in favour of the establishment of Islam.

    But this wish of the enemies of Islam will never be fulfilled because the greatest Super Power, the Lord of this world and the world afterwards supports the Mujahedeen who wish to establish Islam. He has promised to assist the Mujahedeen and He has promised His believers that He will re-establish the Islamic Caliphate. Even if the entire world unites to stop the fulfilment of this promise of God, they cannot do it. The enemy of Islam may succeed in martyring some Muslim Mujahedeen, but the blood of these Mujahedeen will become a wave and fuel against anyone who wishes to stop Jihad and will swallow them. God willing no one will be able to save them from the wrath of God delivered by the hands of Mujahedeen.


    Hakimullah Mahsud was born in the village of Kotkai, South Waziristan in 1979. Kotkai was his ancestral area. In winter his ancestors used to move to another part of South Waziristan. He was educated at a local Madrassa. He was given religious education alongwith modern education. He was taught to read the Quran in this Madrassa as well as religious books to level 2. He also completed his modern education till year 9. He then moved to Faisalabad to pursue further religious education. He got admission in Jamia Aminia Janiwala where he studied for some duration. He then traveled to the District of Hangu and spent some time in the company of Maulana Muhammad Amin Orakzai. He then went to Dera Ismail Khan and got admission in the Madrassa run by Maulana Fazlur-Rahman. His last journey to acquire knowledge was to Swabi.

    While Hakimullah Mahsud was studying, he made twice attempts to enroll himself for Jihad. This was before the fall of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. But on both occasions, he was told that his beard has not fully grown. Mullah Omar Mujahid had commanded that anyone, whose beard has not yet fully grown must not participate in Jihad. So, he was twice rejected while some of his friends of similar age were accepted, reason being their beards had fully grown.

    During this period some associates belonging to Jihadi organisations in Kashmir invited Hakimullah Mahsud to join them and told him that after completing the training, he would be able to fight the Hindus. While giving an interview to the magazine Ahya-e-Islam, Hakimullah Mahsud said, “When friends invited me to train and proceed to Kashmir, I was uncomfortable about it that even if we succeed in liberating Kashmir, the Pakistani way of governance will apply there. This in itself is a non-Muslim system”. Therefore he did not participate in Jihad in Kashmir.

    Meanwhile the 9/11 attack took place in the US. The US then attacked Afghanistan in order to achieve the downfall of the Islamic Emirate. Although Hakimullah Mahsud still did not have a fully grown beard, he was overwhelmed by emotions of participation in Jihad. He stopped his education to serve the Afghan refugees arriving in his area.

    These included not only Afghan Muslim refugees, but also refugees from other countries. Hakimullah Mahsud used to find accommodation for them and take care of all their needs. The majority of them have now returned to their countries, but some are still serving in the field of Jihad.

    After six to seven months of the US attack on Afghanistan, Jihadi proceedings began against the US crusaders. Hakimullah Mahsud participated in the initial fights in Khost and Lawara and displayed great acts of bravery on the battlefront. Thus on Maulana Merajudin’s advice, the Mujahedeen from the Mehsud tribe appointed him as their Emir. After taking on this role, Hakimullah Mahsud launched an attack during the night on the Afghan army in Mishi Kandao (in Khost) and then fought in the famous battle of Shakai. Thus for two years the Taliban Mujahedeen stroked hard against the US crusaders and their agents, the Afghan army in Afghanistan.

    After Baitullah Mahsud became the Emir, Hakimullah Mahsud had the opportunity to extensively participate in Jihad in Afghanistan. He participated in the raids on the border checkposts; participated in battles fought on the borders of Khost, Paktia and Kunar. He played an important role in the attacks on the border posts in the province of Nangarhar. Afterwards Hakimullah Mahsud went into Afghanistan and began organising Jihad against the US and its crusades.

    In Afghanistan, the leaders of Mujahedeen first of all sent him to the area of Birbal. Here the Mujahedeen laid in ambush for days waiting for the US army convoys. Hakimullah Mahsud also visited Mangrati and spent 28 to 30 days in Rakha. He was then sent to the front line at Helmand. Many comrades of Mullah Dadullah and Commander Abdul Mannan were already there; Mullah Mishr was the person in charge of the Mujahedeen there. Hakimullah Mahsud spent two months at the front line at Helmand. During this period he met with the now martyred Abdullah Mahsud who has spent over a year fighting against the US army in Afghanistan. They decided to return to Waziristan together. Meanwhile the Pakistani government were making sensational claims in the Pakistani media that they had arrested Abdullah Mahsud’s companion Hakimullah Mahsud.

    Upon hearing the news of his arrest, Abdullah Mahsud and Hakimullah Mahsud decided to travel separately. Abdullah Mahsud was then surrounded by the Pakistani police and the army and martyred on the orders of Aftab Sherpao, the internal minister. Whereas Hakimullah Mahsud travelled from Helmand to Bramchah, and then to the area of Gardi Jangle; from there he travelled to Quetta through Doob safely arriving in his area of South Waziristan.

    The Pakistani government sent their army to South Waziristan and started its operation which was extended to the Mahsud tribes. In reaction, Hakimullah Mahsud and his Emir Baitullah Mahsud initiated their jihad against the government of Pakistan.

    Hakimullah Mahsud had the honour of fighting shoulder to shoulder with Emir Baitullah Mahsud in the Jihadi movement right from the beginning. He also had the opportunity to stay with him during his student days. He had a special relationship with Baitullah Mahsud. Due to this relationship, Hakimullah Mahsud was appointed as the in-charge of his personal finances. He became responsible for Baitullah Mahsud’s income and expenditure. He also served as his driver for a long time.

    Similarly, on the instructions of Emir Baitullah Mahsud, he adopted the name Zulfiquar Mahsud and used to give statements and talked on behalf of the movement to various organisations, newspapers, TV channels and radio stations.

    Hakimullah Mahsud advised Emir Baitullah Mahsud to extend the invitation of joining the group to other tribes; thus preparing people for Jihad in Pakistan. Baitullah Mahsud liked this advice and sent him to Mohmand Agency. Umar Khalid, in-charge of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan was already working there. He met him for the first time when he came on a tour of South Waziristan to visit Emir Baitullah Mahsud in relation to Jihad.

    When Hakimullah Mahsud arrived in Mohmand Agency to invite other tribes to Jihad, the Madrassa of Maulana Liaqat had just been bombed the previous day. In those days the Pakistanis of Mohmand Agency considered it almost impossible to pave the way to Jihad. Nevertheless at the invitation of Umar Khalid and Hakimullah Mahsud people joined this cause in unexpected numbers.

    After this Hakimullah Mahsud made another journey towards Mohmand Agency to invite other Muslims to join Jihad in Pakistan. He then undertook a third journey when 30 to 35 people started Jihad. During this journey, Hakimullah Mahsud joined by his Mujahedeen, raided the enemy at the Afghan border near Nava Pass; this action resulted in a heavy loss of their army.

    On his return from Mohmand Agency, Hakimullah Mahsud went to Khyber Agency. He established centres for Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan. He also opened a centre in Orakzai Agency and Kuram Agency.

    For a long period, Hakimullah Mahsud performed the duty of inviting people to Jihad in these three Agencies. He made Orakzai his central base and visited Khyber Agency and Kuram Agency to lead the Jihadi activities from there. Thus he took charge of these three agencies and launched severe attacks on the US army and its ally, i.e., Pakistani army. As a result of this, the higher officials of the Pakistani army were also in fear of the Jihadi Commander Hakimullah Mahsud. In their media statements, they declared him the fiercest fighting commander, launching severe attacks on the Pakistani army.

    As a result of Emir Hakimullah Mahsud’s efforts and struggle the Mujahedeen were able to implement the Sharia law in the Orakzai Agency for a while. They began to deal with the matters of the local Muslims in accordance with Islam.

    Similarly when the Shias of Kuram Agency joined the US and its ally ‘impure’ army to begin activities against the Mujahedeen, Hakimullah Mahsud took the leadership in hand and launched fierce attacks on them which broke their backs.

    Hakimullah Mahsud was also the first person to lead the Mujahedeen in their Jihadi activities in the Khyber Agency and launched attacks on the army convoys carrying NATO supplies. These convoys travelled with security provided by Pakistani forces.

    He cut off the logistical supply lines for the US and the crusader forces causing them heavy losses. Hakimullah Mahsud led his Mujahedeen into his biggest joint attack on the convoy of NATO supplies together with Mujahedeen from Al Qaida. Two hundred and fifty containers were set alight. Tanks, armoured vehicles and other valuable possessions were taken as booty.

    Hakimullah Mahsud not only increased the jihadi activities against the army and logistic supply lines going via Pakistan to Afghanistan, but he also organised the combat activities against the US crusade and its front line ally in the tribal areas.

    Hakimullah Mahsud was known for his war strategies and expertise. He was especially skilled in Karate and driving large vehicles while taking aim with a Kalashankov. Due to this expertise, the tribal people used to compare him with Nek Muhammad, the founder of Tehrik-e-Taliban, who got martyred in a drone attack by the US and the Pakistani army in 2004.

    There were several similarities between Commander Nek Muhammad and Emir Hakimullah Mahsud including their young age, their bravery, courage, fearlessness and being strict commanders. Additionally, Emir Hakimullah Mahsud was well known for driving all kinds of vehicles at high speed. Hakimullah Mahsud was one of those Mujahedeen who believed in moving forward while playing with danger and without any fear for life.

    Hakimullah Mahsud was responsible for the arrest of the 300 Pakistani army officers who belonged to the front line ally of the US. These officers had launched an army operation in South Waziristan in 2007. The Pakistani government were forced to surrender and they accepted their demand and released several commanders and mujahedeen in exchange for their army officers.

    Two months before his martyrdom, Emir Baitullah Mahsud had commanded Hakimullah Mahsud to come to South Waziristan with his mujahedeen from Orakzai because there was a war in progress. Thus Hakimullah Mahsud returned to South Waziristan with the mujahedeen from Orakzai. He then opened a new combat zone for the mujahedeen from Orakzai. When in August 2009 the Emir of TTP, Baitullah Mahsud was martyred in a drone attack by the US and Pakistani army, in a meeting held with the Orakzai Agency mujahedeen, Hakimullah Mahsud was appointed the Emir. At that time, he was one of the most wanted mujahedeen and Pakistan had announced a prize of 50 million Rupees for anyone who provided information leading to his arrest. This was the result of his jihadi activities and attacks on the Pakistani government, the front line ally of the US. He was responsible for the humiliating loss of the army officers had faced in the tribal areas during their operations. The Pakistani army provided information to the US and they launched a drone attack on him and spread the rumour that he had been killed. But the US and its front line ally, Pakistan’s army, had not succeeded in martyring this great commander who cut off the supply line going from Pakistan to Afghanistan for the crusaders and the NATO forces. The mujahid Hakimullah Mahsud stayed on his vigorous journey of destroying the US and its allies, and of promoting Islam.

    Meanwhile a Jordanian Muslim who wished to join the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan came to him. He had been arrested by the Jordanian Intelligence through the US for openly writing articles on jihadi websites and they had brought him to Afghanistan and Pakistan in order for him to assist trace the main leaders of Taliban and Al-Qaida, and enable them to martyr them.

    But this Jordanian, Dr. Abu Dujana Al-Khorasani, (Hummam Khalil Muhammad, Abu Malal) rather than being a fake Mujahid agent of the US, he told the Mujahedeen leadership everything about himself. He said that the US and its allies had sent him to them to locate the whereabouts of the main leaders of Taliban and Al-Qaida; so they could then fulfil their dream of killing the leaders of Mujahedeen. Dr. Abu Dujana Al-Khorasani joined the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan because he felt the pain of the Muslim nation. He became emotional when he mentioned the Muslim sisters Dr. Afiya Siddiqui (whom the ISI have sold to the US in return for Dollars and who is now in US prison), Sajida Al-Rishawi (the Muslim sister who is in Jordanian agencies’ prison), and the incidents of the martyred sisters of Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa. Also, the rulers who are governing the Muslims, their armies and the heinous crimes of shedding the blood of Muslims in return for a few Dollars. He mentioned the US and their imposed puppet rulers ruling the Muslim world as well to the leaders of Taliban Mujahedeen and requested them to use him in a ‘self sacrificial operation’ to attack the enemy of Islam.

    Dr. Abu Dujana Al-Khorasani who had penetrated the ranks of the Mujahedeen as the top most US spy, belonged to the city of Zarqa. This is the same city that Commander Abu Musab Zarqawi, who tormented the US crusaders in Iraq, came from. He now wished to be a true Mujahed, waiting for the opportunity for a fatal strike on the US and its allies. He had become a Mujahed soldier in the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan.

    The US and its allies blindly trusted Dr. Abu Djaja Al-Khorasani and agreed with whatever he said because he had provided them information about the Mujahedeen which other agents had been unable to provide; this information had been confirmed upon investigation. The Mujahed Hammam Khalil (Abu Dujana) was providing this information to the US on the instructions of Emir Hakimullah Mahsud and the leaders of the Mujahedeen, in order to further boost their trust in him.

    Then Dr. Abu Djaja Al-Khorasani prepared a plan with Emir Hakimullah Mahsud. He asked two top official of CIA and the Head of Jordanian Anti-Terrorism branch, Ali Bin Zaid, who was also a cousin of King Abdullah, to come to Miranshah immediately. He used the excuse to provide them important information about the Jihadi leaders. But Ali Bin Zaid refused to come to the Pakistani tribal areas saying that it was too dangerous for him to come there, in case the Mujahedeen or the Taliban became aware of it. Therefore he should meet him at the US army base at Khost in Afghanistan. Abu Dujana Al-Khorasani insisted but Ali Bin Zaid was reluctant. Abu Djaja Al-Khorasani then agreed to meet him in Khost on one condition that he would not be stopped and searched by any of the Afghan officers at the army base and no one would see his face, in case there was a Taliban informer among them who would slit his throat. Ali Bin Zaid, the cousin of King Abdullah assured him that he would talk to the US higher official and that he should not worry about it.

    Emir Hakimullah Mahsud organised all matters related to the plan, army logistics and providing support for Abu Dujana Al-Khorasani. He then sat with his Emir Hakimullah Mahsud and recorded his will on a video message. He named this plan ‘Ghazwa Baitullah Mahsud’. This was taking place especially to take revenge for the martyrdom of Emir Baitullah Mahsud and other Muslims killed in the US Drone attacks.

    The next morning Abu Dujana Al-Khorasani put his explosive best on and bid farewell to his Emir, Hakimullah Mahsud and contacted Ali Bin Zaid, the cousin of King Abdullah asking him to send his most trusted driver. He was told that CIA officials had arrived from the US at Khost army base to meet him. Abu Dujana Al-Khorasani told them that he did not wish for any of the Afghan officers at Khost army base to search him and he did not wish to come face to face with them. Ali Bin Zaid told him that the US army officers had made some excuse and given them time off from their duties; thus there will be no Afghan present at the base. Also that no one would stop him on the way and he would be able to come directly to the hall where the meeting was planned to be held. The Mujahed Abu Dujana Al-Khorasani then left with the Afghani driver. A CIA officer joined them on the way. He kept control of his emotions and entered into a conversation with him, insisting about returning to his family in Jordan so as to not to raise any suspicions at all.

    Thus he arrived at the meeting hall where the CIA officials were anxiously waiting for him. Abu Dujana Al- Khorasani took a map out of his pocket showing the whereabouts of Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri and laid it on the table. When all the US army officials bent down to look at the map, he detonated his explosive vest and did a self sacrificial attack. Fifteen CIA army officials, the Head of Khost army base and the Head of Jordanian Anti-Terrorism branch, Ali Bin Zaid, the cousin of King Abdullah, and four security guards from Blackwater died on the spot. The central control room situated in the meeting hall which provided information to drop bombs on Pakistan and Afghanistan in drone attacks was completely destroyed. The US officials in this place were dreaming of martyring Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri by drones upon receiving information from Abu Dujana.

    Thus, on Thursday 31 December 2009, Emir Hakimullah Mahsud and his Mujahed soldier Abu Dujana Al- Khorasani took revenge of Emir Baitullah Mahsud from the so-called super powers of the world. The US Central Intelligence's army officials and their central control room which provided information for drone attacks was also completely destroyed in that attack.

    It wasn't an ordinary action resulting the killing of these US army/intelligence officers. The Times commented it as “This was the biggest ever action in history when the agencies were deceived". In 2008, the US & Jordanian agencies detained a man who was a writer on a Jihadi forum & spoke the message of Jihad without worrying about the consequences. The Jordanian Intelligence agreed to release him on condition that he would join the ranks of Mujahedeen in Waziristan and spy for them. He was the first Arab to have joined the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan. He reached waziristan and met with Hakimullah Mahsud after gaining the trust of Taliban. But instead of spying for US & Jordan, he switched his loyalty to Taliban & executed a self sacrificial bombing on CIA officials & avenged the martyrdom of Baitullah Mahsud. The Khost incident didn't only caused irretrievable loss to CIA, but also to the forces working in Pakistan and Afghanistan; they are facing serious problems as a result of this action.”

    The Times magazine declared the event as being the most tragic lost for US army and CIA since the start of the war against Afghanistan. After the 1983 Beirut bombing, this had caused the biggest loss to CIA the US Intelligence Agency.

    The former Chief of US Intelligence Michael Scheuer said that the CIA had lost some of its brightest officials who seem to be irreplaceable in the near future. This had been the most damaging action against the US Intelligence Agency the CIA during the last thirty years.

    Commenting on this action, Al Quds, an Arabic newspaper published from the UK said that according to what a high rank army official at the Pentagon told Washington Post, this had caused them the biggest army loss since World War II. The deaths of these CIA army officials have caused more loss than the loss of the special army commando battalion consisting of 15,000 persons. A million Dollars were spent in training each one of them.

    Jack Rice, a former CIA agent told the US newspaper The Times, that the officials killed in this action were the top most experts in the combat fields and the best officers in the world. These were men of such great talent that they did not require computers or did not have the need to write down anything; the information is always stored in their heads.

    To find out more details about the Khost action of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, declared to be equivalent to 9/11, please read Joby Warrick’s book, The Triple Agent and watch Abu Dujana Al- Khorasani’s video released by Umar Media and As-Sahab media.

    The mastermind of the action that killed the best officials from the US’s Central Intelligence and who also provided full logistic support was Emir Hakimullah Mahsud. But the US knew nothing about him. They were unable to comprehend how an agent who had been living with them for years as an informer managed to take Al-Qaida and Taleban in his confidence can kill the best officers of the US’s Central Intelligence and Jordanian Intelligence.

    From the news released immediately after the action, the US was in the state of delusion that Abu Dujana Al- Khorasani was responsible for this attack and that after being an agent for the US and Jordan, he could possibly join the Mujahedeen. On the other hand the Jordanian Intelligence took the stance that after his arrest Abu Dujana was imprisoned for a year and then released. He proceeded to Pakistan to further his medical studies. From there he relayed them several pieces of sensitive and important information about the proposed attacks on Jordan through emails. Therefore King Abdullah’s cousin had been sent to him to approach him and get the information.

    Thus in a futile attempt to misguide their public and to cover their losses and hide their embarrassment, both governments (the US and its ally Jordan) released false statements over Abu Dujana Al- Khorasani’s action.

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    The US and its allies only found out about Abu Dujana Al- Khorasani being a Mujahed of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan and being responsible for this action, when the mastermind of the action who had provided full logistic support, Emir Hakimullah Mahsud accepted responsibility of the Khost action and released the video recording with his Jordanian comrade. It had been recorded on 9 January 2010. In this recording, the Jordanian Mujahed tells his will. He said that he was taking this action to avenge Emir Baitullah Mahsud and that his blood will not go in vain.
    Abu Dujana Al- Khorasani declared the leader of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan Hakimullah Mahsud to be his Emir. He said that once anyone passionately accepts the love of Jihad, he will reject all kinds of bribe and negotiations. The Mujahed in the way of God will never sell his religion and faith, even if he is given all the wealth of the world. He added that he had been waiting for a long period of time for this opportunity; to do something for the sake of God’s religion. He wished to hit hard on the enemy of Islam as part of the Mujahedeen.

    On 14 January 2010, five days after this video was released, the US launched a drone attack on Emir Hakimullah Mahsud. The officials from CIA made an announcement in the media that they had martyred him. Later, army officers from the US’s ally Pakistan contradicted this and told the media that Emir Hakimullah Mahsud has not been martyred; he was only slightly injured.

    After this the US declared Emir Hakimullah Mahsud to be their worst enemy. They announced a reward of five million Dollars for anyone who provides information leading to his arrest. They designated the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan among the major terrorist organisations in the world and announced a war against them as a priority.

    But despite the US and Pakistani agencies pursuing him, Emir Hakimullah Mahsud carried on with Jihad. Then on 1 May 2010 Faisal Shehzad, a brave Mujahed brother originally from Pakistan, attempted to execute an attack in New York Time Square. Due to some technical reasons this action did not fully materialise.

    Then he organised the attack at Mehran Air Base in Karachi where the US army officers, foreign officials worked for United Nations; it was also the base for the three armed forces of Pakistan. He organised several other attacks including the attack on the US consulate in Peshawar and large scale attacks on the army bases and centers of the Pakistani allied forces.

    Emir Hakimullah Mahsud was one of the greatest Mujahed and commanders of this era. He was not only considered a hero for the Muslims of Pakistan and Afghanistan, but also for the whole Muslim nation. He is reckoned as one of the talented commanders of whom the worldwide Mujahedeen were proud of. He was famous in the same way as Commander Khatab in Chechnya, Commander Mullah Darallah in Afghanistan, Commander Musab Al-Zarqavi in Iraq for being thorns in the throats of the enemies of Islam. Emir Hakimullah Mahsud had become famous for launching attacks on the US and its allied forces.

    When the enemy of Islam failed in all their attempts and tactics to martyr Emir Hakimullah Mahsud, the Mujahed General of the Muslim nation who had caused great trouble for the US and its allied forces, the governments of Pakistan and the US staged the drama of negotiations. Nawaz Sharif, the prime minister of the puppet government of Pakistan made a statement of starting negotiations with TTP. This made it easier for his spies to get to Emir Hakimullah Mahsud. It paved the way for a drone attack; they attacked Emir Hakimullah Mahsud from behind, and killed him.

    Thus Emir Hakimullah Mahsud, the Mujahed Commander who bravely fought the Kufr and who several times killed the US and its allied forces, was martyred in the village of Dande Darpakhel in Waziristan on 1st November 2013. May Allah accept his martyrdom and that of all his companions and Mujahed brothers who were martyred in drone attacks and may Allah elevate their positions in Jannah.

    The US and Pakistan’s governments and their puppets left no stone unturned to slander Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan and the Mujahed Emir Hakimullah Mahsud. They associated accusations and lies to them which were all fabricated.


    To explain this, Emir Hakimullah Mahsud’s full sermon to the Muslim nation on the occasion of Eid-al-Adha is published below. This sermon proved to be his last will.

    In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

    Peace be on you and God’s Mercy and Blessings
    All praise belongs to God, Who has made man the best of His creation in order to worship one God only. He has declared the same man worse than animals if he worships else beside Him and if he abides by decisions made by them.
    I congratulate the whole of the Muslim nation on the auspicious occasion of Eid-al-Adha from the bottom of my heart.

    Cherished youth, respected elders and esteemed mothers and sisters!

    Eid-al-Adha is a reminder to the Muslim nation of a great historical occasion. Prophet Abraham left an example in this for us. The 1400 years Islamic history is full of the memory of people who have followed the path of sacrifice. The companions of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) left us with matchless examples of sacrifices for the sake of Islam. Following that, during the earlier period, the son of Ali Imam Hussain, Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Ahmad bin Hanmbal, Muhammad Nafs Zakiyya, Allama Ibni Taimiya and following on from them to the present era, the martyred Syed Ahmed, Imam Shafi, Sheikhul Hind, the martyred Sheikh Usama bin Laden, the martyred Ghazi Abdul Rashid, the leader of the faithful Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid and the martyred Emir Baitullah Mehsud are prominent. These and thousands of other lofty figures have followed the path of Prophet Abraham in every era; they stood against falsehood and defeated the forces that attacked Islam and the Muslims.

    Today the ‘kufr’ has dominated and controlled the whole world. Islam has been reduced to offering prayers, fasting and going on pilgrimage. Religion has no value without the implementation of sharia and of Allah's rule. The concept of sharia of this nature has now almost vanished. The talk of implementing such and the use of armed Jihad makes even the so called standard bearer of religion panicky.

    Twelve years ago, Mullah Muhammad Omer, the leader of the faithful made the sacrifice of the entire Islamic Emirate for the sake of a single Mujahid. He set a great example and kept the tradition of Prophet Abraham alive. Alhamdulillah, today as a result of the organised struggle to establish the Islamic Caliphate, Mujahedeen from all corners of the earth are reaping the fruits of it. Soon the world will witness a map with a huge Islamic Caliphate. God willing, it will be spread from ‘Koh Qaf’ to the African Sahara.

    On this occasion of Eid, I send special advice to the Muslim nation for them to be determined to fully act upon the tradition of Prophet Abraham. This is impossible to achieve without joining the Mujahedeen.

    It is sad how the world meaningfully observes the cruel treatment of the Muslims in Syria, Burma and India silently. If a Christian is murdered in any corner of the world, they are up in arms. And when millions of Muslims are martyred in a cruel manner, no one goes further than uttering a few words.

    The role of OIC in the so called ‘Muslim Union’ is no different than their masters’ role. Each time the nation is faced with a calamitous situation, they never go beyond passing some resolutions. The fact is that the so called Muslim leaders who have joined this union are agents of the same infidels; they are in fact playing the role of fulfilling their plans.

    There are so called religious leaders and scholars who consistently advise the Mujahedeen, who have stood against the cruel behaviour of the infidels and the apostates to a peaceful and tolerant behaviour. So, what solutions do they offer?

    Oh the youth of the Islamic Nation! Please remember that there can be no solution to the cry of these oppressed people, other than Jihad in the way of God. God tells us, Translation: “And, why don’t you fight in the Cause of God and for the down- trodden men, women and children who say, ‘Lord take us out of this city whose inhabitant are cruel; and grant us from Yourself a protector and grant us from Yourself a supporter’. The believers fight in the way of God and those who disbelieve fight in the way of Satan. Surely Satan’s plan is weak.” (Chapter Al-Nisa verses 75-76). The foundation of Pakistan was laid upon the basis of ‘there is no God but Allah’. Seven million Muslims sacrificed their lives and honoured to establish it; it has since been longing to have that 'there is no God but Allah’ system established. The innocent Muslims of this country have been shamelessly fooled into thinking in the name of Islamic Democracy. They are made to think that by having the freedom to practise their religion and to be able to offer prayers and fasting, the country has turned into a Muslim country. Under this roguish system, the industrialists and feudal lords of the country have always blackmailed the ideological and economic situation of the poor public. Today, on the one hand the obscenity, nudity and no interest in religion has crossed its limit in this country; a country which was created in the name of Islam. On the other hand, the poor in the country are barely able to get their daily food. As a result of their robbing the country, a country that enjoyed a good exchange rate, has now become a pawn in the hands of organisations, such as the IMF and the World Bank.

    It is so sad that despite the statesmen, religious scholars and the serious people of this country witnessing the complete destruction, they still insist on looking for a solution within the same roguish system.

    Respected elders and the young men who are the pride of the Muslim nation!

    Please remember, there is no solution to such a huge problem of the world being destroyed, save by acting on the tradition of Prophet Abraham. The true martyred Imam, Ghazi Abdul Rashid and the hundreds of people martyred with him, revived this tradition through the sacrifice of their pure blood. You witnessed that since the foundation of the movement to implement the Sharia has been established. Thanks to God, thousands of Mujahedeen and supporters belonging to Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan right from the Tribal Area to every corner of the country have through their continuous sacrifices developed this movement to the stage that now the rulers of Pakistan consider this movement to be a clear threat to them; they can see their boat sinking. They were intimidated by the popularity of Taliban all over the country. As a result they began to use evil tricks to make the Muslim public become suspicious of the Muslim Mujehedeen.

    1. Attacks on ordinary places:

    They arrange bomb explosions at public places and shopping centres for the Muslims through their secret agencies, the Shias and other anti-Muslim groups and blames it on Tehrik-e-Taliban. The recent examples are Qissa Khawani Bazar in Peshawar, Liaqat Bazar in Quetta and Anarkali in Lahore. We denounce responsibility of any of these attacks.

    2. Exhorting money:

    In large cities of Pakistan including Peshawar, money has been exhorted from wealthy Muslims in the name of Tehrik-e-Taliban by threatening the people. The government is using the same evil people who are responsible for explosions in the Muslim’s shopping centres for this. Several cases of this nature have been uncovered by the media.

    We equally respect the property of a Muslim and his life. Therefore, we also denounce any responsibility for such attacks. We appeal to the Muslims that in such circumstances; they should contact us without any fear and file their case in the Tehrik-e-Taliban court of law. Additionally, we request them to identify such individuals in order to eliminate them.

    3. False media propaganda

    An absolutely incorrect image of the Mujahedeen has been portrayed for the innocent public, through the media. There is abundant and continuous propaganda against the Tehrik-e-Taliban through these paid agents. The innocent public are misled into thinking that the precise movement that began to exalt Islam and who is the well wisher of Muslims, is the enemy of Islam and the Muslims.

    Additionally, some of the so-called religious parties and organisations systematically continue with their mean attempt of misleading the Muslims using their ideology and thoughts. They are using baseless and incorrect commentaries and interpretations of the Quran and sayings of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) to achieve their objectives. The Mujahedeen of Islam are sufficiently replying to this propaganda through their effective 'Inviting' programme and their limited media resources. Provided that the Mujahedeen are steadfast and remain sincere and fear God, the enemy will soon lose on this front as well.

    After being defeated in all their military strategies and after exhausting all evil tactics, the government has now no option left but to talk about negotiations and agreements.

    The Tehrik-e-Taliban’s stance is quite clear on this.

    1. We have always believed in serious and objective negotiations.

    2. The government will have to be completely independent of the US and the Pakistani establishment, and then come to the negotiating table.

    3. We will not accept the hiding behind staged negotiation to launch false propaganda against the Taliban in the media.

    4. We will give full respect to whoever is sent forward for negotiations from among the serious and trustworthy persons of the country.

    5. In the past, the government and the army have committed serious breaches after the agreements; they have been dishonest. The whole country is still suffering from its consequences. If they attempt to repeat that, then they will suffer irretrievable loss.

    6. We are always prepared for ceasefire, provided that the drone attacks stop. These attacks are committed with full consent of the army and the ISI and they also (Help USA) find the targets. It is possible that the army and the ISI are fooling the politicians into believing that they have no control over it.

    7. Talking about conditions and demands is premature. We will neither accept nor put any conditions prior to sitting at the negotiation table.

    The Muslims and the public of Pakistan are keen to see the victory of Sharia. The country’s prosperity and peace depends on this. Sharia is the only way to safeguard the rights and safety of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Tehrik-e-Taliban is the movement which can bring the return of the Caliphate and the implementation of Sharia in this world. I appeal to every member of the Muslim nation to join this holy journey and spend all their energy for the sake of the progress of Islam.

    May peace and the blessings of God be upon you!

    Your brother, Hakimullah Mahsud

    (Emir Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan)


    সালাউদ্দিনের ঘোড়া
    তাওহীদ ও জ্বিহাদের বাণী প্রচারে অবিচল

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